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    Tablet issue and student license.

    Sir momó

      Hello. I have problem with my tablets wacoms intuos pro pen & touch medium sized tablets touch ring functions with photoshop. I already did diagnosis on the touch ring functions and its responsive. I contacted wacom customer support and they told me to contact adobe customer support. It has a touch ring with 4 functions: Addjust brush size, cycle layers, zoom in & out and rotate image. Now the last 2 works just fine, but the first 2 only flashes 3 different icons on the pointer. Colorpicker, move and one more tool, but it  does not choose those tools, infact the only thing that happens is that those tool icons flash on pointer. I have tried all sorts of things with settings like changing the touch ring bindings and photoshop bindings and stuff, but none of it works. The brush size tool is the one and only important tool for me and having chosen this tablet for this function for high price, I find it disappointing not having it working.


      Also I have heard that student could receive user license for free? If that is true, how could I as a student proceed getting one for my self? (I know its limited for non commercial use, but thats all I would use it