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    How do I get LR 5.6 to recognize my D5300 in tethering?


      According to the Adobe LR tethering list my camera is supposed to be supported for tethering since ver 5.5.  I have tried and tried with zero luck.

      Somewhere I saw a post that said to try the manufactures tethering software, well Nikon wants big bucks for their software. One of the reasons I bought this camera was to use it tethered with LR.

      I found a freeware program called DigiCamControl and it works great with my D5300 and my old D70s in tethered mode!

      I have double checked and there are no software updates for the D5300, I have used three different usb cables, all work with digCamControl, but LR is still saying "no camera connected".


      So ADOBE what's the answer to this problem?