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    Re linking Cinema 4D


      Hey there -

      Is seems re - linking is different for every outside software (PS, Ai and so on),

      and so I'd like to ask you how to re link my C4D file with my AE project...


      I've begun working on a AE project using some 3D elements and the Maxon link, and it was easy, intuitive and simply great.

      After saving my progress and trying to open up the project once again, I'm at a loss as to how to re - link...




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What do you mean by "re-linking"? The C4D files behave like any normal asset in the project panel and can be replaced and rewired there. However due to the specifics of how Cineware works, there may be some caveats. Either way, your question is simply not clear enough to really make sense of it.



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            shualiko Level 1

            I'll try and be clearer:

            I've created a project and uses the Maxon exporter to create a 3D element.

            Once this was done, any change I've made to the C4D project was (obviously) updated in the AE project.


            After saving, quitting and then re opening the project, this does not work.

            I open both AE and C4D relevant projects, but changing in C4D is no longer reflected in AE.