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    Stopping a header reloading with each page

      I've had loads of conflicting advice on this one. Someone must know surely. How do I stop a flash movie from reloading each time a link button is clicked. In other words I just want the movie to load once on the home page and the integrated buttons to work as links to other html pages without the movie reloading on each page.
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          you've had loads of conflicting advice, because there are so many ways to solve it, but none of them quick and easy. Technically, your flash movie caches to the users computer, so it doesn't reload each time, it just reappears, which means it starts its animation over.

          You can skip this by passing it a variable, you can frame it ( thumbs down ), you can use include tags (in your php or asp) for your content, so you're always on the "same layout page" just swapping out content, etc... there are so many ways to get it done, but I think the latter of those three wins in my book.
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            cmt45 Level 1
            Many thanks for the quick response on that. However, you obviously know your stuff, but sadly I don't! Is there a laymans way of explaining this or maybe even a small tutorial you could run through?
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              crazyjoemilan Level 2
              well, lets start with the top one, since its an interesting way to do things anyway.

              when you look at your html file, (or asp or php) you'll be able to see the .swf file embedded in there. If you attach variables to the back of that using a script...


              that will pass a variable to your _root timeline called VARIABLEA with the value of "yesssss". You can use that directly in your html, but if you want the variable to change, you'll have to use a script. I like to use php because its free and open source, and very easy to find online help.

              http://www.13studios.com/whatever.php?VARIABLEA=no ------ doesn't work, dont click.

              Would pass your php file VARIABLEA with a value of no. So you see we can now connect the two by using a php echo command...

              <?php echo "$VARIABLEA" ?> or <?=$foo?>

              can you put that jumbled mess of answer together successfully? :D Lemme know!