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    Fancybox iframe in Edge Animate - Not showing correct height and width

    Jason_Link Level 1

      Hi All,

      Can someone please provide advice or a solution to this issue.


      I have been trying to use the Fancybox.js in Edge Animate to call an iframe (as a lightbox pop up).


      However when I try this it doesn't show the correct height and width properties - even though I am setting them.


      When I test this on my hard drive it works fine in Chrome and Firefox. However when tried online on a test server I get a slim pop up that hasn't set the height properly.


      Could this be because the iframe is pre-loading the composition/html page first before setting the size??


      Please help


      CODE USED:



      type: 'iframe',

      autoScale : 'false',

      height: '600',

      widht: '600',

      href : 'website composition link.html',

      }, {

      padding : 0



      Other references: http://businessanywhere.biz/blog/2013/03/adding-a-lightbox-to-edge-animate/