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    After Effects CC, crashes windows 7 64 bit

    Christiaan Mulder

      Hi Everyone.


      Newly joined the Adobe family and am still truly left speechless at the capability of these apps.


      I have encountered a contentious crash on AE with my latest project and just can't figure out why. Since you guys have been on the go for a while, I was hoping the your expertise will help?


      So, here are the facts:


      New project uses Keylight 1.2 and I think this could be leading the problem. In my opinion, my system lack a bit of will power, but I let you decide:





      PC Stats- Dell Inpirion Laptop N5010:

      PC Stats.JPG



      Then I use iobit's Advanced System Care and the monitor displays the following (notes to follow):


      Iobit Performance Monitor.JPG




      What I do find interesting though, is that once AE has crashed, I can free about 305 MB of RAM each time.


      My feeling is that the 6Gb RAM I currently have does not have the goods?


      Any suggestions?