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    Inline captions

    BeeVee23 Level 1

      I'm working on a longform document and I almost exclusively use images inline, in the same box as my text. It's rare that I use an image as a separate entity and that's usually because it's a display image that needs to cover the full width of the page. Often I will have multiple images (two or three, depending on their size) on a line and I will want captions under the images. For now, I use the age-old method of:



      Left: stuff; Middle: other stuff; Right: more stuff

      but what I'd really like is:


         stuff           other stuff     more stuff

      Even more if one of those stuffs pokes out the side of the image, for it to break and go onto a second line.

      I've tried with tables, and InDesign 5.5's handling of images in tables is horrible and longwinded. The Captions feature might be good if a) I had photos of people with their names in the titles of the photos and b) was willing to have floating images, but is there another way? If CS6 supports such a thing I might upgrade but I'm not willing to go the moneypit route of CC yet.

      Thanks for any help,