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    Brightness and Contrast adjustment in InDesign


      Hi guys!

      I'm new here and I'm trying to realize my first work in Indesign.


      I'm very very beginner so...you can understand If I ask a stupid question like this!


      I found this discussion here and, if I undestand in a right way, in Indesign you can't modify a picture with brightness, contrast and saturation.

      A guy in that topic create a script in mac and for Indsign 4......but I have windows 7 Home and Indesign 5.5 in English and I don't think it works for me.


      So, I have 70 images...the only methods is open every single image in photoshop, modify, save and relink in Indesign...now...is it a different method to prevent this process to realize faster my work?


      thanks guys!