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    IOError #2032

      Hi Adobe folks,
      A lots of java guys are experiencing difficulties getting the HTTPService working properly when accessing a servlet.
      It's pretty usual to have a client accesing such web resource. I case of a flash client it seems very hard to avoid the famous #2032 IOError.

      Could you publish something that explain how it works?
      Could you give actionScript examples of a client sending some Strings to a servet returning some Strings then explain what are the constraint.

      It sounds to me that Flex has brought a constraint which doesn't exist in java for instance.

      Thanks in avance
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          yann_nickname Level 1
          I've found many related messages in this forum.
          I noticed that people complains about a misunderstanding of the HTTPService to tranfert simple String or even XML. Behavior is unpredictable.

          Sending XML or String is quite unusual with flex while it's very simple in java.
          We realy need help or tell us whether a bug is the root cause or not.