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    Problem with svg, edge commons on Chrome/iOs8




      I need some help about edge animations.


      I have created web apps with edge animate, edge commons js library and svg files.


      Everything worked fine except when I recently used Chrome and new released iOs8. It is OK for desktop versions or mobile versions with Chrome/iOs7 or Safari/iOs8 but not for Chrome/iOs8! And I do not know why.


      The problem is that my animation is displayed but when composition is ready, svg images disappear (actually i think they do not disappear but they are scaled very small so you can't see it anymore). This issue can be seen on edgedocks website because I have the same problem when I want to try edge docks market animation. SVG disappear after loading.


      Does someone have the same problem?

      Do you have a solution or workaround that could help me.


      Thank you