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    Is settings migration from CC to CC 2014 damaging output templates?

    A. Cobb Level 3

      I recently got CC 2014 at work, and migrated my settings (including a bunch of output templates) from CC.  My audio previewed just fine in AE, but when I rendered out my final movies, there was no audio.  I checked the settings, which were all correct (audio on, 48kHz, 16 bit, stereo), though when I view them in the render queue (by clicking the disclosure triangle on the output module), instead of indicating the sample rate, bit rate, etc., it only says "Output Audio: On".  If I create custom settings with exactly the same values, the audio renders, but if I use the output templates I migrated from CC, I get no audio.  I'm thinking the templates are getting damaged in the migration process. It looks like the templates can be repaired by editing them in Edit->Templates->Output Modules, and changing the audio settings (e.g. switch audio to "auto" then back to "on").