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    Want to build a video editing machine for Premiere Pro CC


      I will only be using this machine for Premiere pro CC.I would like you guys to have a look at the specs I have chosen,give your suggestions:



      i5 4th gen 4670K 3.4 Ghz LGA 1150 (Keeping in mind the benchmark tests found on this site for CC)



      Ram Corsair 16 GB Corsair DDR3 @ 1333Mhz. Either 4GB  x 4 or 4GB x 2 + 8GB X 1.I already have 8 GB of ram so I am stuck with 1333Mhz.Will this really matter? is 1600mhz better for video editing ?



      Motherboard has to be in MSI as I had bad experiences with Asus and Intel original.I am confused about the chipset though..Has to be Z series right??



      HDD - 2TB x 1 @ 7200rpm Seagate

                 1TB x 1 @ 7200rpm Seagate     I already have the HDDs from the last machine.



      Graphics Card - Within 12k INR.No choice in particular though I had good experience with Sapphire AMD  6670 AND R7 250. I hear AMD is no good for video editing?is it true?

      Prefrences- Saphire for AMD

                          Zotac for Nvidia



      Please recomend me a PSU.What shoud be the wattage? Also, need some guidance for buying a UPS.Have this one as of now:



      http://www.snapdeal.com/product/zebronics-power-ups-u111/653520?utm_source=earth_feed&utm_ campaign=21_56&utm_medium=101239537



      psst- Do I need a cooling option if I am not running this machine in an air conditioned room?



      As for the OS is Microsoft Windows 8 / 8.1 SL OEM 64 bit ok ?



      I am also looking to buy a Full HD monitor under 12K INR. 



      Thanks a lot in advance !!

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is actually a discussion for the hardware forum ... and I'd be suprised if a 'mod' doesn't shift it over there soon.


          Go to the hardware forum, check out the tweaker's page ... especially not the parts about laying out your discs and usage ... that's a place so many people don't get right. Like above, people tend to focus on chip, ram, v-card ... but there's a HUGE amount of reading & writing to disc going on especially during playback as more effects are added.



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            JFPhoton Level 3

            The new Haswell E CPU is out now. THAT is what you want for a new editing machine. ESPECIALLY for heading into the future, which will involve 4K and other, maybe more DEMANDING codecs. SEE Eric Bowen's posting here on this forum regarding the test results for video editing using the Haswell E...vs. the older CPUs.


            The Haswell E now has a new chipset,( X99), that brings MANY new features, AND, the Haswell E NOW features "quad  channel" memory...to handle large amounts of data FASTER. The new motherboards have TEN SATA III ports, for a variety of HIGH SPEED storage options !! The OLDER motherboards are LIMITED to TWO SATA III ports.....PREVENTING creating FAST onboard RAID setups. The Haswell E is available with EIGHT,or, SIX cores...you choose !! Use at least 32 GB of system memory. Soon, Eric will post the results of the new Nvidia 970 and 980 video cards. in his video editing test. The 980 is ALREADY the top card in GAMING...BEATING the 780ti, DESPITE having LESS data throughput. The 980 MAY be the card you want....it is MUCH cheaper than the 780ti......down in the $500 plus range.


            Use the new Samsung 850 Pro SSDs in your  new system...or, the cheaper Crucial M550 series SSDs. The SSDs are now WAY more reliable than HDDs and are WAY FASTER, in many ways.