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    Creating High Score With loadMovie


      I'm trying to make a high score log for a bunch of flash games on my site. THe game I'm working on is called Double Wires. The ways I'm doing it is my loading the game into a seperate flash file using loadMovie, and in the flash file having a little box where the user can type in his name and submit his score. The mySQL part is not the problem. My problem is that I can't get the box where the user types in his or her name to appear on top of the game, so the user can actually see the box. So far my code for loading the main game swf is this:

      loadMovie("doublewires_main.swf", this);

      I have that code on frame one of layer one, and I have, on the layer above it, the box where the user's name is displayed.
      I have other highscore logs functioning, I just can't get this one to work. Here's an example of a working one:


      Thanks for the read! If you have any questions about... my question, please post a reply!