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    floating window



      Im trying to make a plugin with a single small window always in the foreground where the user can select diferent things anytime. I made a non modal window with LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog but if I click outside the window it goes to the background, I need a window that always on top of lightoom. How can I achive this? My code is something like this now:


      local function showDialog()



        LrFunctionContext.postAsyncTaskWithContext( "showDialog", function( context )


           LrDialogs.presentFloatingDialog(_PLUGIN, {

           title = "NameTagger",

           contents = c,

           save_frame = "nameTagger",

           blockTask = true,






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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You might repost this in the SDK forum Lightroom SDK. There's at least one developer active in that forum with experience with floating dialogs.

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            areohbee Level 6

            k3xx wrote:


            How can I achive this?

            You can't really, or at least I don't know how, nor does the dude who just released the focus points plugin, Chris Reimold (who tried for the "always on top" thing).


            There is a to-front method you can call to bring to front (put on top), but it gives the dialog box focus, so if you keep calling it, it turns a non-modal dialog into a modal dialog .


            Worth noting: if floaters are moved outside the Lr Main UI, then they remain forever visible and usable even if Lr's main UI has focus, so my advice: recommend to users to have multiple monitors, and move the floating dialog box outside main Lr UI. If single monitor, then the taskbar or alt-tab (or equivalent on Mac) has to be used to bring to front (put on top).


            Not sure what else to say.