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    Lightroom 4.4 cannot import files exported from CaptureOne Pro8, but LR5 can??


      I am a recent new user to PhaseOne's CaptureOne Pro8 software.  I am using it for some RAW conversions, but still want to use my LR4.4 product to catalog, and further edit, those conversions.

      I have tried exporting TIFF, DNG, and JPG from Pro8, but NONE of those files can be imported by LR4.4  I can selected the file, and then LR hangs on "Importing files...".  Oddly enough, I can move to other LR modules, like Develop, and the software still works, but the import never completes.

      I downloaded a trial LR5.6 via Creative Cloud, and that version of Lightroom imports the JPG files just fine.  I have not tried to see if TIFF or DNG can be imported.


      So my questions come down to :


      Are there any LR4.4 users here who also have CaptureOne Pro8?  Can you import Pro8-exported JPGs into LR4.4?

      Is there any insight as to how LR5.6 handles files differently than LR4.4 that could explain why LR4.4 cannot load these files?


      I have no other issues with any other software package that can read JPGs, only LR4.4.  Keep in mind LR5.6 works fine, as well.




      Thanks for any help, insight,