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    This is interesting..fonts showing properly when NOT activated


      Version of InDesign.


      If I open a clients CC file I get no warning that the fonts are not active and they display properly.

      While this can certainly be useful if the fonts are not provided it's also potentially dangerous.

      I can package the file with out the fonts being packaged either. Without any warning that fonts will not be packaged.

      In fact, I have seen customer files sent in without the fonts and it was clearly packaged.

      I can also make a pdf with the fonts embedded.


      If this is a feature, I should still be warned that "the fonts are not active but I will be able to see the fonts correctly in this window.

      If I save as.. or copy and paste I will not see them properly". Or something to that effect


      If however, this is not a feature, I would like to know how it's working. It is repeatable on every Mac here.


      By the way, I DO NOT have type kit enabled.


      Thanks for any input.