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    Smart objects slowing down computer


      Hi - I'm making animations in PS6 extended using timeline.

      Some of the files are a bit hefty - 5 or 6 smart object files deep -  and are making the computer go really slow [I have 8GB RAM and 1067Mhz].


      I wondered if it might be caused by too many bits of info going backwards and forwards in the engine room ... and a defrag is necessary....??


      I understand that the Mac only defrags files up to 10MB ... so these 60+MB files will be left out.

      It starts to seize up after I've been working on a files ... going down into the deeper and deeper smart objects [eg a body with smart object arms going to smart hands going to smart fingers, etc]


      Do you think I need to get a defrag program for this or would there be a cache somewhere which I can empty when the going gets rough, perhaps?


      I don't have much else running at the time, by the way.


      Many thanks