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    toggling sound without vars (flash 4)

      I'm doing an ad for a client that will be hosted on MSN. The client wants sound. MSN says ok, as long as it only plays if the user switches it on.

      OK, fine, no problem, think I all innocence. Then I notice the MSN small print - must be compatible with flash 4.

      So I change my publish settings (and this is before I do the sound toggling)... and my standard bit of code to loop three times breaks. Because vars aren't available until flash 5.

      Can't get my head round this at all - how on earth can I set about toggling sound on and off if I can't use a var for the state? I think I can manage the loop control on the timeline if I can remember how, but the sound??

      Any suggestions welcomed. I confess I'm tempted just to publish for flash 5 & hope I get away with it!