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    Best solution to convert DOC to over 1000 form-fillable PDF's and apply Javascript

    tallanwt Level 1

      I need to convert over 1000 MS Word docs to PDF, and make forms interactive with the following JavaScript or other scripting needs:

      40-50 fields per form, link to db connection (SQL)

      command buttons to Add New (new record to db), Update (existing record based on field value), Submit (submit saved pdf file to SharePoint site-must create directory based on field name; save file as field name

      form fields should be clear on open


      I know this is a tall order, but if I could get some direction on code examples, that would be greatly appreciated.

      I have created a db connection and coded to add new record, update record and save file to local directory based on hard coded path, but I need more dynamics on creating network path, filename using Sharepoint