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    Conundrum regarding publishing WebHelp or WebHelp Pro to a homegrown web server and any effect on context-sensitive Help

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      RoboHelp HTML 11.

      Note: I'm posting here because I'm not sure which forum to post to, considering that this post covers RH11, WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, and RH Server. Sorry if there's a better place to post this issuue.

      • For the first two releases of our Touchstone application, we generated WebHelp Pro. It is integrated with our Touchstone application.
      • I inherited the WebHelp Pro approach, which we continued to use even though we were not using RoboHelp Server. Our intention was to move to RoboHelp Server one day.
      • The day came when we started to explore use of RoboHelp Server. However, after discussing deployment to an RH Server with an IT person, we were were told that we did not need to use RH Server and that it would be preferable for us to use a homegrown solution that is being used elsewhere in the company. He has now prototyped deployment of the current WebHelp Pro Help to a company-hosted web server with a Google Analytics script embedded on each page for reporting purposes.
      • The current WebHelp Pro contains context-sensitive Help.

      I am now considering doing what several of you have told me to do in the past -- use WebHelp instead of WebHelp Pro when not using RoboHelp Server.

      • Are there any 'gotchas" that I may want to consider? I know that WebHelp has some features, such as Content Categories, that are not in WebHelp Pro, and that WebHelp's navigation properties are a bit different, too, for example, the support for breadcrumbs and browse sequences.
      • Will the developers have to do anything to make sure that context-sensitive Help continues to work correctly between the Touchstone application and the WebHelp? Can they still use the CSH API to call the CSH topics?