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    Hitting "P" flags every image ?

    2drumstix Level 1

      Not new to LR, but out of nowhere hitting P to flag an image as pick, is now flagging every image. Happens in both Library and Dev modes, on both monitors. Caps Lock is not engaged. Auto Sync, which I never really use, is grayed out. Is this a change is LR 5.6? Unless I've hit some other shortcut key and didn't realize it. Any ideas? Thanks, Donnie

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          2drumstix Level 1

          Well, umm.. some tech note saying I've had LR open too long (about 90 mins this session, well under my normal norm edit session time when in LR), or I've used too many menu commands or I have too many presets (yes I have a lot, have had a lot for years now) and LR needs to restart. Okay - restart. Now it works correctly. LR user since LR1, never seen one that before.... Cost = one hour searching for an answer and not editing my clients wedding photos.... Grrrr