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    Imports and Exports going to "Phantom Folders" in the LR catalog - Need to correct directory path


      I just migrated to a new Win 8 PC and upgraded from LR4 to LR5 in the process.  Now, every time I import or export one or more photos to a folder on my C drive, Lightroom creates a "phantom folder" in the LR catalog with the same name as the target folder.  The image file is really in the original target folder, but LR cat thinks it is in the "phantom".  The problem appears to be in the directory path in the LR catalog.  It has my name (kevin) in lower case, whereas the operating system has it in upper case (Kevin).  Is there any way to fix the directory path in the LR Catalog? 


      As a work-aroundI have been doing a "Remove" on the phantom folders and then doing a "Syncronize" on the original target folders, but this is very annoying and time-consuming.   Ideas?   Is there an easy way to fix?