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    how to use an edited file OUT of LR


      I am new to LR. I have learned how to make edits in the Develop tab, and they display on my LR page next to the original pic I edited.


      When I go to a website and create an online photo book and it asks me to import photos,the 'upload' files opens up my Windows "Pictures" file where all the LR files are, but none of the edited pictures show up in my Pictures folder, only in the LR program. How do I go about using edited photos outside of LR?!!! It doesn't seem like editing them serves any purpose if I can't use them afterward! I'm sure there is a way--possibly multiple ways--and I just need to learn. Please teach me!!!


      Thank you so very much!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Lightroom does not store the edited photos on your computer anywhere.


          If you want to see and use the edited photos outside of Lightroom, you must select the photo(s) and then use File->Export...

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In Lightroom, go to the library module grid mode. Locate one of your edited photos and right-click on it and choose go to folder in the library, or show in your system browser (Finder or Explorer). That will show you where the files are located. As has been mentioned, Lightroom does not store your pictures at all. Your original images are in the folder where you told Lightroom to import them, and the edited copies will be in that same folder. It could be in your pictures folder if that's where you told Lightroom to download, Or they could be on any other folder on any other drive connected to your computer. You are in control of "where" your images are located. You cannot depend on Lightroom to just do everything for you. You need to do some planning, and pay attention to where you are putting your images. But be aware that if you are creating a photo book, it would be wise for you to export copies of those images, ensuring that you will have copies that includes all the Lightroom adjustments.