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    Anyone having project upgrade problems from RoboHelp 10 to RoboHelp 11?

    brickerd Level 1

      I'm receiving an error when attempting to upgrade a RoboHelp 10 project with seven content folders to RoboHelp 11. The error includes the first folder name but all the files in that folder appear in the RH 11 project (as do the files from the 7th content folder).   I was contracted to train someone to maintain this and other help projects, and to get this project back in shape, but I'm stumped by the upgrade failure. RH Support suggested that I create a new project and copy files from the RH10 version. I'd rather not deal with all the broken links that would result. Does anyone have a better solution? Some background: This project was originally created with RH7 for Word and I understand it was upgraded from RH7 to RH10 with painful results. I'm pretty sure the developer did not upgrade from RH7 one version at a time. The last person assigned to maintain the project had no RH experience (the old "admin could do this" attitude, I suspect).  Thanks for any help you can offer!

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Is the project on a local drive or a network? Upgrades are best done locally.


          If you recreate the folder structure in Rh11 and then import, you can ignore the broken links as you go. Once all is imported, they should have dissappeared.


          Given the previous history, it does sound like a dodgy project. Can you open it in Rh10, delete the CPD and reopen it in Rh10 to create a new one, then close it and open in Rh11? Just an idea.


          Do zip up their project as it is now so that there is an untainted copy to keep going back to.


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