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    Saved styles using custom blending mode settings are empty after restarting, or reloading

    cranberryteacup Level 1

      I've run into a problem and I'm wondering if anyone else can replicate it. I place a text layer over a colored, textured background layer. I click the FX button and choose Blending Options. Then I drag the Sliders under the BLEND IF: GREY section until some of the background shows through. Now I go to the Styles panel and click to save the new style. The style works great on new layers until I quit Photoshop. When I do, the style is still in the styles panel, but when I click to add it to the layer, it doesn't show up.


      If I save the style out of Photoshop before I quit, and load it back in after, it still doesn't work. Interestingly enough, however, if I take that saved style and load it into Photoshop CS5, it DOES work.


      This problem doesn't occur with any other options. Only the Blending Options won't take. If I add Blending options plus drop shadow, the drop shadow still take, but the blending Options won't.


      Finally, when I load in styles that were created in CS5, they work just fine in CC2014.


      I have reset my preferences, which deleted all my styles. I started from scratch and it still happens.


      Thanks for any insight!