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    lightroom 5.6 crashing


      Using LR 5.5 and now 5.6 causes Lightroom to crash constantly. 

      If I go back to version 5.4 all is well again.


      Now that I have purchased a D810 I have to use ver 5.6 to get raw support.


      I worked with adobe support for a few hours and finally gave up and went back to 5.4 until now.


      It must be computer related, but I am not sure what the issue is.


      Windows 7 ultimate x64

      32gb ram

      500gb ssd primary

      other drives as additional storage.


      Do I need to do a OS refresh or buy a new computer to make this work.

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          I'm having the same problem (D800E) and getting so fed-up I'm about to kick LR out. During a day I have 5-6 crashes.

          I have a similar system as you have. I tried to most common advice to reset the preferences (very annoying) but still I have crashes


          Looking at the web, LR has many problems since version 5.5.

          Time to start solving the problem adobe