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    Where do I even begin?


      My account won't hold basic info from one day to the next.  I finally got my email address changed after about 15 attempts over the course of a couple weeks.  I added an alternated email as well.  I confirmed that I could use creative cloud for my computer.  I was currently on OSX 10.5 and this Imac can only upgrade to 10.6.8.  Fortunately, or so I thought, your website listed 10.6.8 as compatible with creative cloud.  By the way, this was all about 3 weeks ago.  I upgraded my OS to 10.6.8.   I purchased creative cloud (all apps), or so I thought. Upon confirming the order, your website froze.  I let it sit for 30 minutes.  I went to another computer and logged in to my adobe account and it showed that CC had in fact been successfully purchased.    Ok making progress I thought.  Today I uninstalled CS5  and went to download CC.  Guess what!  My adobe account shows no purchase.  Sweet.  So I decided to download the trial until I could get your website to actually process an order. Error!  Your operating system is not supported!  I double checked your system requirements page and sure enough the oldest system now listed is 10.7.  Well maybe you did me a favor by not processing my order!  Is this what we have to look forward to with CC?  Operating systems be outdated one by one? 


      Maybe you can recommend a competitor of yours that I should go to?


      Now I know why you don't have a phone number or email listed on your website.


      Oh and this isn't my first go around with your nonsense.  I have purchased several products in the past such as CS5, CS3, various elements software.  But you would know that because everything in my account profile is magically deleted.