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    InDesign stops working correctly on some files. Flashing UI and deselecting objects.


      I am using the latest version of InDesign ( on the latest version of Mac OSX (10.9.4).


      Recently I have been having an issue with InDesign which only affects some documents. The interface sort of flashes every few seconds sort of like the application frame is being deselected and then selected again. Whenever this happens (roughly every 4 seconds) anything I was doing is deselected, so if I'm dragging an object it snaps back to where it was and is deselected or if I'm entering a value into an input box the input box is deselected and reset. I think you can imagine how this can make InDesign fairly unusable.


      The problem doesn't occur on all documents, but I've been unable to find any link between the files it does do it on. Sometimes it will occur on a completely blank document that has just been created and other times it will be fine. On files that it does occur on it sticks and consistently happens to those files, if I copy the contents of the file onto a new document that was unaffected the problem does go away temporarily, but will occur again after a little while or the next time I open the file. Saving the file as an IDML does not make the problem go away it carries over to it. Deleting every element and all pages on an affected file doesn't fix the problem either.


      The problem does only seem to occur on one file at a time, if I have multiple files open only one of them will be affected, if I open two affected files at the same time one of them will be fixed and the problem will go away while the file is active and then return when I switch back to the other one. If I then close one of the files the problem will re affect the file.

      Copying an affected file off of the server I work off and opening it from my desktop does not change anything.


      I work in a studio with five other Macs all running the same version of OSX and InDesign none of the others are affected by this at all. My Mac is only a few months old and the newest of the lot, I don't have anything different installed on it from the others.


      I have tried completely removing InDesign and Creative Cloud and doing a fresh install which did not solve the problem.