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    .NEF files not opening with ACR in CS6


      I run CS6 on my iMac with OS 10.6.8 with the ACR 7.1 update downloaded and installed.  When browsing my Nikon D600 images in Bridge, thumbnails for my .NEF files load initially, but some immediately change to the stock .NEF icon.  None of my .NEF files open in PS and instead I get the popup telling me I need to get the latest version of ACR.  No ACR update appears under Help>Updates>Photoshop.  When I do all these same actions on my MacBook Air running CS6 with ACR 7.1 on OS 10.9.4, everything works fine, all thumbnails load properly in Bridge and all .NEF files open in ACR. 


      -Why does it work on my laptop setup and not my desktop? 

      -Is there a newer version of ACR than 7.1 or is it bundled in with the newer DNG updates?  I also installed DNG update 8.3 (the newest that my OS will support) and there was no change.