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    Issues with video quality after editing in Premiere Elements.  Please help!!!


      I am having issues with the quality of video output from Premiere Elements.  I tried to combine 4 videos clips that I took (all were crystal clear when viewed prior to combining them in Premiere Elements).  The first clip is quite pixelated, the second has wavy lines running across it the whole time (recorded webinar), and the third clip looks crystal clear. (FYI...first clip and third clip were both taken using the exact same settings on my Canon)  I am not very tech "savvy".  I am guessing it has something to do with the way I saved or "shared" the video after editing?  But I have NO IDEA what settings I need as I am not very "tech" savvy!  I want to upload the finished product to Vimeo.  I looked on Vimeo and followed instructions from a tutorial that a Premiere Elements user posted about how to save the best quality video for uploading to Vimeo, and the quality turned out FAR WORSE than the first time I saved it.  Please help!!!  Thanks so much!