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    'Truncate' Excel Formula in JavaScript


      I am trying to translate an Excel formula into Java script and I am way out of my depth…. Could anyone assist?


      This is the formula in Excel:  =TRUNC((B2*(A2/100))/365,2) 


      In my Adobe Pro Document B2 is a field called 'RAD' and A2 is a field called "MPIR'.

      I want to translate the truncate formula to JavaScript so that my “DAP_ONLY” field calculation in Adobe Pro does not round up (as it seems to be the default setting)


      At the moment, I have the following simplified field notation set to (RAD*(MPIR/100))/365 for my 'DAP_ONLY' field and the format set to number, 2 decimal points. Which works if I want the result to round up but I actually need the result to be truncated instead.

      I have read material on the math.trunc function in JavaScript but don’t know how to apply it as I don't speak JavaScript ....  Is that something you can help with?