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    Fuji x-trans raw files import extremely slow

    rjh1007 Level 1

      WIn 7 pro 3.6 AMD quad core 16 gb ram 1.2 tb raid 0 WD Velociraptor drives. Lightroom 5.6


      I have a fairly quick system and my 24mp Sony raw files import and render full sized previews reasonably quickly -but it takes about 5x longer for my Fuji X-T1 raw files to import and render full size previews.  If I import into Capture One Pro 7 or 8 or into Photo Ninja both the Sony and the Fuji files import and render previews quickly. It is only Lightroom that is so incredibly slow with the Fuji raw files.

      I have used LR since version one and my files have always imported reasonably fast , however, the Fuji raw files have been slow to import from the very first import.  Ex - yesterday I imported 312 raf files (Fuji raw files) and it took 31 minutes to complete. I also imported 257 Sony raw files and the import  plus full sized preview rendering was completed in just under 5 minutes.


      Am I missing something in the preferences or import workflow?


      Thanks for any help