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    Trying my hardest to download lightroom with no luck no matter what i update. Will Lightroom 5 run on Vista?


      I currently have Windows Vista. I know its an old system but bare with me. I am trying to download the trial of lightroom to see if its what im looking for as I dont want to spend the money but be let down. Every time i try it says i am running an operation system thats no longer supported by Adobe. These are my computer specs.Windows vista home premium 2007.

      Service Pack 2

      AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X 2 Core processor 4800+ 2.50 Ghz

      Memory (RAM) 2.0GB

      32 bit operating sytem.


      Now i dont know if any of that matters, i dont know that much about computers except how to use them. But i really need a decent editing program ASAP, i literally have a matter of days left for editing 50 photo's, so am in desperate need of any advice. I have updated my computer so many times to try meet the requirements. What can I do to fix this??? Any help PLEASE