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    Cineware extracted wrong camera-path from C4D


      The problem I encounter:


      - After I made a cube editable, extracted 2 sides (panels). I put a external composting tag on each panel.

      - On the external composting tag I choose "solid.

      - Then I create a camera. This camera goes from top to bottom or left to right. The animation is ease in and ease out.

      - I save the c4d file


      - In after effects, I import the c4d file, create a composition based on the c4d file.

      - Then I extract the c4d for the camera and solid information.

      - When I play this file, the solid/null-point does not mach the move of the camera.


      Then I took a look at the camera track, this what I found:


      Looking at the camera move in c4d:




      When I extracted the data info aftereffects, this happens:





      When I play the this file: it looks like this:



      Maxon replied to me to contact Adobe about this problem.


      Hope someone has an answer for this.