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    Convert To Editable Text - Colour Problem

    Bruce AUS

      I'm creating video transitions between DVD/BD menus. I've used Photoshop CS6 to design the menus.


      I wanted to use an text animation preset for the text. To do so, I must selected the layer/layer Styles/convert to editable styles and then layer/convert to editable text before I can use the text preset.


      This is where the problem happens. When applying the layer/convert to editable text. It makes the layer style lighter. This is very distracting when you press a button on the DVD/BD menu and the text changes colour when the animation is playing then changes back to the original colour on the menu.




      I've compared the style settings in After Effects against the Photoshop styles and they have the same settings.


      How can I stop this from happening?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Layer styles do not always react exactly the same way as they do in Photoshop and many times it requires editing. I'd suggest adjusting your layer styles on your Editable text layer and then save the style as an animation preset so you can apply it to all of your layers.


          Personally I don't think that either example is very easy to read. I would probably do something that looks a little more modern and clean.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Well, the answer is color management (and you not using it), but that would require a lot more info to even begin to advise. And yeah, as Rick said, the text looks awful...



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              Bruce AUS Level 1

              I've tried adjusting the layer styles but it just does not look the same.


              I'm a noobie to After Effects so please advise as to what info you require to help me?


              As for changing the look of the text, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 8)


              - EDIT -


              I've change the style a bit and now I don't have the problem.


              I wonder if it had anything to do with the style layer having advanced blending options. They are no longer present in the new style and I don't have the problem anymore. I guess it's something to look out for in future projects.