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    remembering last Photo viewed in a folder

    Bernd Rac Level 1


      I am searching high and low and there is probably not a solution but is there a way that lightroom remembers the last photo viewed in a particular folder. For example i am sorting to a folder with say 8000 images for a project. But then I have to stop and work in another folder for something else. When going back to the folder with thee 8000 images it starts on the first one. Now I found a small workaround (I sort my images with name) but I tried to then sort to edit time highlight the the first image then and go back to sort by name and it seems to work but sometimes I do not remember if I seen all them or if I really stopped on that image. So thats why my question is there an option for Lightroom to remember the last image which was highlighted or worked on regardless how the pictures are sorted in the folder.

      it would help a lot but as I see not to many threads about that I might be in a minority here