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    More info re "Time Limited Offer for Photographers", please


      I'm considering this PS/Lightroom package at £8.78/month.

      (1) If I start with the free 30-day trials and decide to stop, will I immediately be able to use the Elements 10 PS/Premiere/Organiser I have without any problems - e.g. no need to re-install?

      (2) If I go ahead, what are the costs after the initial 12 months?


      (And why does Adobe not have any info on this on the offer page and why do they have no direct Contact route, rather than going through a User Forum?)


      Thanks in advance.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you mean you currently have Photoshop Elements and Premier Elements 10?  If so then the CC licensing shouldn’t affect that old version of a serial-number-licensed product and you can continue to use it whether or not you have any CC licensed software.  I currently have PSE 10, PSE 11, PSE12 and PS-CC+LR-CC and can run all of them.


          Maybe there is no info because there shouldn’t be a problem and the products are independent of each other.


          If you have CS6 versions of Photoshop and Premier (rather than Elements versions) then there could be some interaction with the CC versions because the CS6 version of PS is also available if you have the CC version of PS, even if you never purchased the serial-number-licensed CS6, before, and so if you stop using the CC version of PS, then the CS6 version might stop working, but the solution to that is to uninstall whatever CC-licensed version of CS6 you have and reinstall the serial-number-licensed version and reenter the serial number.

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            AndreLudwig Level 1

            Yes, I have Elements 10 products (PS, Premiere & Organiser) installed.  I don't have any CS or CC products at present.  Thanks for indicating that my Elements products will be completely independent of CC-LR & CC-PS & separately accessible - just the info I wanted.


            My comment about a "lack of information" on the website was more to do with longer term pricing.  The package is being promoted as a "Time Limited Offer"  at £8.78, which suggests it's at a special low price which won't always be available.  I thought it reasonable that the page should indicate therefore whether the monthly figure quoted was for a limited period and what higher price I might have to pay after that.  I wouldn't want to put a lot of effort into organising/editing all my images only to find after 12 months, the products are only available at 2x£17.58 (the current Single Product price).


            Thanks again.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Sorry, I forgot to respond about the pricing.


              My experience is that I ordered the Photographers Plan a little over a year ago, close to when it first became available, for $10/month (US) and the price remained the same to start the second year of subscription a couple months ago.


              So my opinion is that the first year at $10/month isn't some sort of special price that doubles back up to the regular single-app price of $20/month (US) after the first year expires. 


              No business can promise their price will never go up for an indefinite period of time, but right now they want to keep their Cloud-Subscriptions graph going up and up so are unlikely to raise it, especially precipitously.  If Adobe did say something specific about their pricing before actually increasing their price, stock analysts could draw positive or negative conclusions about either the current or future health of the company, so Adobe chooses to be vague on this subject. 

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                Back when Adobe first introduced this program they said their intent was for it to remain an option at or near the starting price point.