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    Photoshop won't open LR 5 file when I send through "edit in"


      I have Photoshop CC with Lightroom 5 and Photoshop.  I also have PSE 9 and am trying to move away from using PSE 9 to all Photoshop.  However, I am so frustrated that when I "edit in Photoshop CC" it won't always open up in Photoshop.  The Photoshop screen will come up but my file won't appear.  Sometimes, minutes later, I then get an error in LR saying "The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 could not be launched."  so I click okay and then all of the sudden the photo appears in Photoshop.  But not even then consistently do I get that message.  Arghs!


      Any idea how to fix? I've been googling and found a suggestion to send the file as a tiff versus a psd so I switched that in my preferences screen which seemed to help at first but now it doesn't anymore.


      Please help.

      Thank you.