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    How do you filter for photos with develop adjustments?

    Gary Niemeier Level 1

      I wanted to put this information out there, because it was difficult for me to find an answer to the question of "how do you quickly filter for photos that have develop adjustments?"


      Some earlier posts in this forum observe that a smart collection has the ability to filter files wherein "has adjustments" is "true." Yes, it can do that. And it can also add in a "date" parameter for more specific targeting. But it cannot simply say, "in the current folder," or "in the selected folder." And frankly, that's the exact situation when I need to filter down to the files I want: I'm in a folder—typically the current folder that I've just imported—and I've done a smattering of develop adjustments. Now, I want to quickly select just those images for export. Can't be done, not with a Smart Collection, anyway.


      But Lightroom is nothing if not deep, and if you approach the problem from a filtering standpoint, it will eventually get you there—but the solution is very non-obvious. Expose the filter bar, with your favorite preset: camera info, default columns... it doesn't really matter. Hover over the header bar and to the far right will become visible the "add column" widget. Add a column. From the pop-up menu on the name will come a long list of options, the second-to-last of which is "develop preset." Once that's in place, click on "custom." Save your current settings as a new preset and give it a descriptive name like "adjusted images."


      Now, when you're in your current—or any—folder, just click on "metadata" in the filter bar, and your custom preset will be in effect: any images that you've worked on will be selected. It's a fast, one-click selection.


      If there's another way of doing this (keep in mind it's for the selected or current folder only), let me know. It's such a seemingly desirable action that I'm kind of astounded there's no built-in or easy or obvious way to do it... or that no photographer has requested it.

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          A simple workaround:

          Go to Grid mode [G] in Library. On your Toolbar [T] is a Sort: If you set it to Edit Time (in A>Z) , it will show you the files in the order in which the edits are applied to them. This will group them all next to each other. Files which have been edited will have a Badge in the lower RH side of the thumbnail.  Since they are sorted by Edit Time, it should be a simple matter to select the first and [Shift} select the last of the badged photos. Export away.

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            Gary Niemeier Level 1

            I am honored to have a response from Rikk "MVP" Flohr, and I do readily agree that your approach is one way to approach the issue. It puts the relevant images in a discrete area that is easy to access. However (this is where I look a gift horse in the mouth) I find "sorts" a bit underwhelming in comparison to "filtering." Two problems: first, the sort still does not 'clear your deck' of unwanted images. You still have to squint at the badges and carefully select the range at the top (or bottom). Mistakes can be made (and I would be the first to make them). Second, the sort command is "sticky," meaning that folder will always have that sort unless you undo it. In general, I think most photographers want to see a folder's images sorted by capture time, so they can easily glance to the beginning, middle, and end of the shoot. With my method, once you click out of the folder, the filter is taken away and you're back to normal.


            I do understand that Lightroom wants me to flag my images with rankings or stars or colors or dancing beavers or what-have-you. But in this particular situation, that's an extra step. If I've applied development adjustments, it's already done. Why shouldn't I be able to choose "Select Developed Photos" from the Edit menu, right under "Select Flagged Photos"?

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              trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              AnyFilter plugin can do this and much more:




              I agree Adobe should support simple filters such as 'Has Develop Adjustments, but you'll find many other filters very useful. During migration from LR4 to LR5.0 Constrain to Crop and Spot Removal Feathering were removed from all my edited images. I used AnyFilter to locate these specific file edits and was able to correct them very quickly. You can create-your-own filters using numerous items with AnyFilter.

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                Gary Niemeier Level 1

                That's quite a plugin! I especially like the support for regular expressions. Thanks for the great tip. In the end, there are probably as many desires for specific filter actions as there are photographers. I still feel strongly that "Has Develop Adjustments" is a top-of-the-heap, no-brainer filter that really should be part of the program. Until that day, and unless other Lightroom pundits contribute new info, I'm going to consider this question answered. My idea gets the job done if you're willing to set it up; otherwise this plugin adds an enormous range of extra filtering options.

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                  trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can send John Ellis an email if you find something AnyFilter can't do. He helped me with the LR5.0 migration issues including plugin updates to add the new LR5 features. I assume he will do the same when LR6 is released. I'm not saying there will be any problems with catalog migration to LR6, but I'll be a lot more careful this time!