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    Can no longer see connection

      I was administering two sites in Contribute. After using Windows to uninstall Contribute 3, I installed Contribute 4. Only one site is now listed but when I try to create a connection for the other site, Contribute tells me I am already connected. But there is no listing of the site on Contribute home or in the My Connections dialog. Is there a setting file somewhere that I need to delete?

      I am running Windows XP.
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          lukaro Level 1
          I am not sure of the solution, but bear in mind that when you connect to sites on your server, Contribute does create a _mm folder in which there is a contribute.xml file that stores settings relating to the site. I don't know whether altering this file or even deleting it could solve your problem but it is worth further investigation.


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            Hello Hidden Connection:
            I'm not sure if this is the solution to your problem but it was the solution to mine.
            Scenario: I had a ftp website to connect and it continuously said I already had a connection.
            It was not listed in the my connections though. I removed registry and files related to this connect as well as disconnected
            temporarily from Homesite. The resolution, inspired by you two, (since I looked here as well) was to
            go to My Connections / Administer / Web Server - Here you will find alternate addresses for each website (possibly)
            When I deleted these, I was able to connect appropriately.