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    ColdFusion Builder 3 Code Coloring Bug

    Homestar9 Level 1

      Hello CFBuilders,


      I encountered what I believe is a bug within CFBuilder 3 (standalone and Eclipse plugin) where code coloring breaks after you insert a comment in a function with named arguments.  To replicate the issue copy/paste the following code in CF Builder:


      <!--- Sample Bug: Code Coloring  --->


      <cfset myFunction(

            argument1 = "strawberries",

            argument2 = "bananas", <!--- these are my favorite --->

            argument3 = "blueberries",

            argument4 = "pineapples"

      ) />


      <cfset test = "test" />




      You should see argument3,argument4, and the closing bracket are colored incorrectly.  If you encounter the same issue and you'd like to see this fixed please feel free to vote for this bug here:
      Bug#3831825 - Code Coloring Breaks When Comments Used Within Function with Named Arguments


      It should be noted that Dreamweaver can handle this type of code coloring situation fine.