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    Is there a "dummies" guide to setting up content categories?

    AIR-Chayah Level 1

      Using: RoboHelp 11 on a Windows 7 system.


      I've looked through the Help and I've looked at the sample project EmployeeCare2 (which  has only one content category, US (default), and so doesn't show the benefit of having multiple categories). I still don't understand the best approach for setting this up. For example, do you need to create a unique TOC for each content category and then include only the relevant topics in that TOC?

      We have several types of users for our Touchstone application

      • Underwriters
      • Reinsurance agents
      • Insurance agents
      • Business unit administrators
      • System administrators

      Would I have to create a TOC for each type of user, including in it only those topics of interest to each user?

      Would I then create browse sequences applicable to each user's typical workflow?

      Has anyone seen any good documentation about this feature?


      Note: In our current Help system, which uses WebHelp Pro, I had to, for various licensing reasons, create a TOC for each type of product analysis (e.g. Loss, Hazard, Geospatial, Data Quality). Each TOC included common topics and topics related only to the analysis type. In addition, each TOC contained conditional build expressions. When a user launches the Help menu, the user sees only the Help modules for their licensed products. While this works fine for our purposes, we ran into some odd behavior with browse sequences.  It appears that the approach I took is similar to the way authors need to develop Content Categories.