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    Excel data merge to single text frame?


      i've been working with a client on creating a more streamlined workflow for listings in a magazine; these include a list of shopping destinations, dining guides, and calendar of events; each of which are created in an excel spreadsheet;

      i've been experimenting with the data merge function, but this does not accomplish what i had in mind;


      Is it possible for the Data Merge function to fill the data into a single text frame?

      sample data points are like this:




      Restaurant NameAddressPhoneCuisineFavoritePriceCoordinates
      Acre 5308 N. Clark St.(773) 334-7600AmerY$$M5;B3
      Big Jones5347 N. Clark St.(312) 275-5725SouthernN$$M5;B3
      Calo Ristorante 5343 N. Clark St.(773) 271-7782Ital N $ M5;B3


      other listings are similar; i have in the past did some find/replace magic to create the style below:

      Screen shot 2014-09-25 at 1.55.58 PM.png

      but it would be so much easier and faster for the client to provide the excel spreadsheet and me to just be able to flow that file in via data merge


      is this at all possible to do? or am i hoping for a miracle?