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    Help with BD-rburn


      Have Premiere Elements on a MACpro 8.1 with OS10.8 to a  recently acquired OWC Mercury Blu-Ray burner - external via MAC FireWire to the burner's fw800. Program sees the burner....encodes...but hangs up at 98% burn. Tried all NTSC formats using a Sony BD-r for the burn. Have 615GBs free on my MAC hd with 4mb of ram. My new BD burner plays BD thru the MAC...and even once got a BD-r burn via premiere to play back on the burner with one major clip drop out but still couldn't be read on my Sony s350 player...or my WII....the BD did load.  Through Premier the BD burner is called HL-DT-STBD WH16N540.....my DVDs on my MAC drive author flawlessly...my BD burner is a 16x burner.  Do I need some patch..or a more reliable standard burner for my particular MAC?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Chi wee


          What version of Premiere Elements are you using on your Mac computer?


          When you do the burn to Blu-ray, do you have a check mark next to "Fit Contents to Available Space"? In that burn dialog (just before you

          hit the Burn button) what was the reading there for Space Required as well as Bitrate? What is the duration of this project that hangs up at 98% burn?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            Chiwee Level 1

            Answered as below


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              Chi wee


              Thanks for the reply but the "answered as below" part did not show up. That happens often when post is entered into a thread by email notification or cell phone or iPad.


              Please try again.


              We will be looking forward to your Premiere Elements issue details so that we can work on troubleshooting strategy for your issue.





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                Chiwee Level 1

                My answers your inquiry is as follows:


                Premiere Elements 12 (bought it online from Adobe 3 weeks ago - a download from Adobe directly) - the program reads 12.0 (2013093.main.557123).


                Yes...I have done burns with the box checked "Fit Contents To Available Space"


                It indicated for my file to burn...16.61 GB (Bitrate 24.00 Mbps) with that box check, prior to burning.


                The movie duration is 1 hour 8 minutes 20 seconds.


                I did attempt a burn overnite..since your email ....it went through (2) encodings successfully but halted at 1% with the final disk burn process when I checked it with my morning coffee. The external Blu-ray Burner's disk tray was closed unlike the MACs internal standard DVD burns that disk ejects after a successful burn, that I have done without difficulty. My film loads are HD from a Sony Camera via Memory Sticks that all got successfully loaded and used within Premiere for production.



                Again, I am using a Sony BD-r Disk.  When I acquired by Blu-ray burner, OMC Mercury Pro Optical (a 16x Blu-ray burner), from B & H Photo, the week after I loaded an used Premiere elements for my successful DVD burns on these files, I installed it with the included/valued latest version of "Toast"  including the programs a MAC patch for using it with BD media (not sure how to "deinstall" the "Toast" if that is an issue as  I am a new user to the MAC - mainly a PC guy).  But that is not active when I am in Premiere...in fact, I close all programs but Premiere when I "burn.".


                I think when I got it to burn to 98 %...then halted .. was when I didn't check the "Fit To Contents" Box, with my initial tries. There was only one instance where the burn went thru - but no official sentence  "burn done," and the disk didn't eject. Yet it played in my Burner back to my MAC with a player program, with one clip drop out represented by your "media loading screen" in the different languages, when the played back BD paused - when I fast forwards beyond that gap on that BD...again played quite well with excellent resolution.. Yet didn't play on my Sony S350 or WUII Blu-ray ...although the disk loaded to those devices.


                Again using a MAC Book Pro (mode l8.2) with 615 GB free of 715 GM, 4 MB ram, with OS X ver. 10.8, with the MAC Pro's FW going to the OCM Mercury Pro Optical's FireWire 800 (1394b) 9-pin port.


                I really want to make this work.... (4) families are waiting for a beautifully HD Sony camera filmed 3 week's trip to Sweden-Denmark,  - planned toproduction over 3 or more BD disks for them...whatever it takes....nice productions on many shorter DVDs already.


                P.S. does Premiere 13 help these issues ...and should I be granted a free upgrade considering my ordering Premiere 12 from Adobe directly so close to Premiere 13's release.





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                  A.T. Romano Level 7

                  Chi wee


                  It is late where I am, and I have just gotten to your thread. I will respond fully in the morning.


                  But, I wanted to get back to you about your question about that free upgrade from 12 to 13. Are you within 30 days from the day

                  of purchase of 12? That seems to be the criteria for the free switch from 12 to 13.

                  Bought PSE/PRE 12 bundle 3 weeks ago. Am I eligible for a free upgrade to 13?


                  But if any of the following are important to you, be advised

                  of the features that were removed going from 12 to 13


                  According to the official Adobe "Removed Features" list

                  DV Capture

                  HDV Capture

                  Timelapse Capture (Stop Motion)


                  Export to FLV

                  Face As A Filter In Pan & Zoom

                  Operating System support for: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Mac OSX 10.7.



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                    Chiwee Level 1

                    Thanks for the last update.


                    Since our discussion....


                    All further attempts at BD burns both on Sony or Memorex  BD-rs, result in device failure at 98% in the final burn process on my external Mercury Pro x16 BD burner via a FW 800 connection, with no final  indication of "done" or kicking the disk. All I can do is kick out the disk ...and waste another.  This occurs whether I check the box or no as you had suggested in your last email for "fit". It does apparently go thru the successful encodes up to those point. It recognizes my burner, the media as ready , and size of the file its must create....falling with bounds of my 25GB BD - it chugs along quickly and well ....until the inevitable. I get flawless burns on my native DVD player in my MAC machine on all of these filkes ...my media is Sony HD th AVCHD.


                    I do have Toast Titanium 11.....is there a BD file that can be made in Premiere Elements 12 that can be copied to the BD via Toast file to burn. Also, Adobe gave me approval for free upgrades software for Premiere Elements 13 and Phostoshop 13. Will this help if installed...my worry is "painlessly" and  safely deinstalling 12, and installing a very working 13..and also preserving my existant work done  within the past month on Premiere Elements 12 on my MAC, as the new user that I am. Should I push any OS upgrades on my MAC beyond the versions listed..should still be oka as listed ..does now Toast 12 Titanium be better a better fit also? can this be worked out before I make more changes with upgrades...etc. ????



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      Chi wee


                      Thanks for the update.


                      Suggestions (assuming NTSC setup for the moment)


                      1. Determine if you can get a good quality burn to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc using the following Premiere Elements 12 exports and

                      your Toast Titanium 11

                      a. Publish+Share/Computer/AVCHD with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080p30 (File is described as H.264 Blu-ray).

                      and 2nd choice

                      b. Publish+Share/Computer/MPEG with Presets = MPEG2 1920 x 1080i30 (File is described as MPEG2 Blu-ray)


                      If you were to do the burn to Blu-ray in Premiere Elements, your result would be 1920 x 1080 with the video file .m2ts in the Stream Folder

                      of the BDMV on the disc. And, the frame rate would be 29.97 interlaced frames per second. I am not sure if Toast Titanium 11 offers customization

                      of the burn to Blu-ray preset.


                      2. Depending on how "1" goes, then decide on your strategy. If you can look at the Premiere Elements 13 Mac before you have to make your decisions,

                      that would seem the safest way to go. However, the new burn to selection of choices (disc, disc image, folder) in version 13 look inviting.


                      Please let us know if there is any information that I overlooked in this latest reply.





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                        Chiwee Level 1

                        An update...and thank you again for your efforts.



                        The second option you gave me, I will tell you about first....of "burning" of my PSE 12 project to the MPEG2 Blu-ray file with the acknowledged presets as specified...created a successful file....a file that I could successfully import to Toast Titanium 11, in its editing box....it successfully "burned"  it to a BD-r disc...but gave a warning once completed that the recorded media may be unstable...nevertheless, the BD-r disc "burned" to completion. The BD-r played as a BD disc in the external BD burner from which it came via an Aisee and Roxio Player App....but read as "unknown"  in both my stand alone TV players, Sony BDP S350 and the BD drive of my Wii(u). As you said...didn't seem like I could adjust/tweak the output  details on the Toast 11 Burn as I could with the export from PSE 12 , as Toast's 11 output choices were pretty standard BD choices (only varied as to capacity and layering of the disk media you were "burning"  to) as I set it to BD-r "burn"...and for this initial testing ...created the BD-r with an "automatic" play option  when the Blu-ray loads to any given  player (but did that option below as well with these tests...and as you will read ..worked fine).


                        But the good news...the option of "burn" as an AVCHD file...was successfully created via PSE 12....the file successfully imported into Toast 11 Titanium....successfully burned to the Memorex BD-r...and successfully played in all of its color/audio glory on my Player, a Sony BDP S350...but still not  as a playable BD on my Wii(u) player. Therefore, now knowing the file(to AVCHD)...and to BD-r "burn" can work in a stand alone TV "Player," is a great relief. Of course, its a Sony with AVCHD format "specs" thru-out, namely, came out of a Sony HD camera, to a standalone Sony BD player, and as seen on a Sony Bravia TV....but what about other players...and still other non AVCHD formats?



                        Of course, any Menu creation...scene indexing...etc in PSE 12 ...must be recreated in Titanium prior to the "burn" with its own editor(but a very solid editor).. but that is at least one small price pay to get to a successful work thru. The final product with its color/audio/and PSE editing/transitions look/sound amazing as it was now carried thru the Toast transitionally (no drop outs/jitters etc)  to BD-r output...like I am watching a different movie when played in HD versus DVD. Again, another price to pay  ..is the extra time....time for PSE 12 to render/save to AVCHD file...the time to bring that file into Toast 11 now to edit a new menu/scene content...and then Toast's 11 own process to burn to BD-r.



                        Would PSE13 do things reliably different with my current MAC/external BD burner set up...ie namely a project in PSE 13  that BD "burns" directly to my external burner, that at least now we have, one "fix" current and reliable "fix" under PSE12?  Or would that process be the same again? Would other editing features in PSE 13 still mitigate that issue and be beneficial in other editing respects? Is the uninstall of PSE 12 safe and reliable in making way for PSE 13? When PSE 13 downloads (and I will be doing that via Internet) ...will my existing content files, editing files, saved final project files under PSE 12...be editable/usable/complete in PSE13,  for further editing and hopefully easier direct BD-r "burning"?



                        Your assistance in these matters has been amazing to get me to finally this successful endpoint!!!