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    Code for displaying Image name?

      I have made a nice little slideshow/gallery my questions are this:

      Is there a way to have action script display the filename of each image in a dynamic text box?
      Not a caption but read the xml and display the filename or maybe metadata and have it display in the dynamic text box.

      And how would I have Flash understand which image is selected and send that to a shopping cart ala:

      http://www.millersalbums.com/Event/ViewSlideshow.aspx?ecid=VHVHXBJ6lL4%3d&ts=6331122055365 18686&cid=fWSAHCuK%2fhI%3d&size=6&ViewFavorites=False&q=&ViewCart=False

      I am guessing it would again be a matter of action script knowing what file is in the frame via XML or metadata but being new to Flash I haven't been able to pinpoint what really to start looking into.

      I guess it all revolves around Flash reading the image # and passing that info to a cart.
      Thanks in advance