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    How do I make a textbox appear in a PDF made in InDesign CC when the cursor rolls over another textbox?

    Chemistry guy Level 1

      I'm trying to make a textbox appear in a PDF made in InDesign when the user rolls the cursor over another textbox, and I want it to disappear when the cursor moves off the first textbox. I've tried the following with various setting, and it's just not working for me.



      Display a different button on rollover

      You can create a hot spot in which clicking or mousing over an object displays another object. To do this, create two buttons, hide one of the buttons, and use the Show/Hide Button action to show and hide the target button.



      • Create an object to be used as the source button. In the Buttons panel, click the Convert Object To A Button icon.



        Place the image you want to be used as the target button, and convert it to a button.



        Select the target image and select Hidden Until Triggered at the bottom of the Buttons panel.



        The image needs to be hidden in the exported document so that it can be displayed when the source button is moused over or clicked.



        Select the source button and create two different actions, one to show the target image and a second to hide the target image.



        If you want the image to appear when the mouse hovers over the source button, use the On Roll Over and On Roll Off events. If you want the image to appear when you click the source button and disappear when you release it, use the On Click and On Release events. In either case, use the Show/Hide Buttons action to display and hide the target button. See Make buttons interactive



        Use the Preview panel to test the buttons.