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    Project prel file will not open with Premiere 11


      Created slide show and project with Photo Shop Elements 11. Went to Premiere Elements 11 and to File/ Open Project. Found the project listed and selected Open. The project file then showed in the upper right toolbar margin. Upon using Publish + Share, it states that I have nothing in the timeline. I tried everything to get something in the timeline. Did I wrongly create the project with PS Elements and is my slide show saved anywhere else?


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          Please try this conventional route from the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor slideshow to opening that slideshow in Premiere Elements 11 project.


          In the Elements Organizer 11 Slideshow Editor, go to Output and select Edit with Premiere Elements Editor. That command will put the slideshow in a video format on the Timeline (.psess file) and at the same time put a folder with the project assets as well as a copy of the .psess in Project Assets.


          If you need to do additional edits of the .psess (video) on the Timeline, then you right click the Timeline .psess file, and select Break Apart Elements Organizer Slideshow to do just that.


          If the slideshow opens in Premiere Elements 11 Editor with black borders, then you set the Premiere Elements project preset beforehand manually (File Menu/New/Project) and then Output the slideshow from the Elements Organizer slideshow editor.


          Have you been there and done that? If not, please give it a try and let us know the outcome.