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    Em-based CSS looks horrible in RoboHelp editor


      I'm creating a help document to be used on desktop and mobile devices in Responsive HTML-5 format and I reworked my CSS to use em variables for sizing and spacing. I have two questions:


      1. Why does this look horribly distorted in the WYSIWYG editor? It looks nothing like the basic preview window or the browser previews. Headings are massive, spacing is either non-existent or exaggerated, and it basically gives me no notion of what it will look like when published.
      2. Is there even a reason to use em in RoboHelp? I checked some of my previously-published help (meant for Desktop only, but published in Responsive HTML-5) on an iPad and a Galaxy, and it looked fine in both cases. The only issue was a table set to a specific width jutting out of the screen, but the content in it was still visible. Maybe RoboHelp handles the resizing such that using em or % has no advantage over px?


      Thanks for any input.