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    Load and pause progressive FLV video

      We have a custom video player that plays progressive download videos. Some of the videos we are using in a blog (see link below) start in black and fade into view. I'm trying to figure out a way to have the video load a few seconds and then pause on a frame that has an image (the interviewee). We currently have the videos start as "paused" but the issue with this is that there's no imagery to look at. Its just an empty player. Any link or help would be greatly appreciated.

      thanks - shawn

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          Why not just edit the video. Instead of fading from black, just start on an image of the person.
          If you don't want to do this bc it may cut into some of the audio, take a still frame from the video and place it at the beginning of the video, and then remake into an FLV.
          It would go from the still frame to black, and then fade to the video.
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            sh0wn Level 1
            thanks for the reply.

            re editing and compressing a movie seems more like a work around than a streamlined long term solution. It would be a lot more labor intensive to re edit and compress movies then to find an action script solution.

            Also, we have movies that start off in several different ways depending on the context that the user is viewing it in. It would be best to edit a movie once (especially hi res hd movies) and to control the play / pause with multiple action scripts.

            One more note... even when you do start the movie in "pause" it doesn't actually load the first frame of the movie. If you check out the page link, you'll see that the player is actually empty instead of showing the black that i was describing.