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    Unable to access my LR catalogue...


      Hi, I am trying to access my LR catalogue but get: "The Lightroom catalog named “Lightroom 3 Catalog” cannot be opened because another application already has it opened".  As far as I know, there is no other application open.  I am therefore unable to access my 30.000 odd photos...


      I have been using LR 3.6 for the past 3 years and am a full time photographer.  I have been to my Apple store to try and sort this problem -  they have replaced both Lacie ext HD which hold and back up my catalogue but are unable to do anything more.  I have been redirected to Adobe.

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          Go to the folder where your catalog is located. As well as the large catalog file, Lightroom 3 Catalog.lrcat, there will also be a small file named Lightroom 3 Catalog.lrcat.lock. The .lock file is created every time LR is launched and deleted when it is properly closed and its purpose is to prevent two instances of the catalog being open simultaneously. However, if the computer crashes or is force closed the .lock file remains there and prevents LR from being launched. Delete the .lock file and LR should open normally, but be careful not to delete the catalog file.

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            You have saved my life, thank you.  You are a star!


            V straightforward when you know how!




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